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A note about adverts on this page
You may ask why we publish adverts for other websites offering similar services? The answers are simple. First, we believe in helping our customers make a qualified decision. Visiting other sites advertised here below can help you compare the level of service, value for money and features we provide with those offered by other companies. Secondly, we are very confident about the quality and efficiency of our service (online and offline) as we know that it is highly likely that, having visited other websites you will eventually return to our site to book your sailing holiday.


How to pay and security
1. Nice'n'easy - online by credit card

This is the quickest and easiest way. After all this is the only website on the planet where you can book and pay for a boat in real time. Go to the booking page and fill in your credit card details, click on the button and that`s it. The boat is booked and all you have to do is to turn up in the marina. A deposit will be charged against your credit card within five days of the booking.

The date that the outstanding amount falls due is given on the booking form (it is usually four weeks after payment of the deposit if you are booking well in advance, but sooner if the dates of your holiday are close. Click here to read more about when payment is due. To pay the outstanding amount you can:

- do nothing, in which case it will be charged against your credit card account on the date displayed on the booking form (see example below - the computer-generated dates are underlined in red). We`ll send you an e-mail reminder before charging your credit card for the outstanding amount.

Example: Please note the dates when the deposit and the outstanding amount will be charged to to you credit card.

- alternatively, you can let us know, using the textbox on the booking page, that you want to pay the outstanding amount in some other way and we`ll get back to you to explain what the alternatives are.

2. Relatively nice'n'easy - offline by credit card

If you are worried about online security you can print out the booking pages, fill in the required information and fax it to +3851 463 7512. The rest of the procedure is the same as above. There is a risk when paying this way that someone else may snap up your chosen boat in the meantime. We run a real-time availabilty system on a first-come, first-served basis. Hence, if there is a delay between the time that you saw the boat on the website and the time when we receive your request, we cannot guarantee that the boat you have chosen will still be available. If it`s not, we will contact you to discuss alternative boats and/or bases and/or dates. We are usually able to set aside a boat for up to four working days, so if you fax your credit card details within hours of seeing a boat on the site, then you will probably get the boat of your choice.

3. The old-fashioned way - by cheque or bank draft

You can, of course, book a boat in the old-fashioned way. Find the boat you want on the website and let us know about it by phone or e-mail. Your chosen boat will be set aside for up to six working days. If we receive your payment within this time, the boat will be booked and we will send you confirmation promptly. If your payment fails to reach us in time, we shall contact you to advise you about alternative options.

Online Security

To ensure the security of your credit card information when you book your sailing holiday through we use the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL is currently the preferred method to securely transfer credit card and other sensitive data over the Internet. We also apply the same protection to all information you input before it is sent to us. This ensures that the information is reasonably protected against unauthorised interception.

If your browser supports SSL your booking details, credit card number and other personal details will be protected by this technology. If you are restricted by the capabilities of your browser then you can use the non-secure mode, but we recommend that you upgrade your browser to allow you peace of mind during any further transactions.
As a rule of thumb, we would recommend that visitors using Netscape 4.7 or below or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or below download the latest versions by clicking on one of the following links.

Click here to download the latest Firefox
Click here to download the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer

Our security certificate is issued to our host server - You can call up our certificate details by double clicking on the lock icon within your browser.