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You may ask why we publish adverts for other websites offering similar services? The answers are simple. First, we believe in helping our customers make a qualified decision. Visiting other sites advertised here below can help you compare the level of service, value for money and features we provide with those offered by other companies. Secondly, we are very confident about the quality and efficiency of our service (online and offline) as we know that it is highly likely that, having visited other websites you will eventually return to our site to book your sailing holiday.


Dates outside high season, non-Saturday departure dates and corporate programmes.
Non-Saturday departure dates and short breaks

I don`t want to start my holiday on a Saturday. Any chance of a long weekend - say Friday to Tuesday - or a ten-day break?

Certainly, especially if you want to go outside of July and August. These are the busiest months for the charter companies, and most weeks are sold out well in advance. If you do want to book a long weekend in July or August, you can of course, but the price will be higher. You will usually be charged for the full week - or even two if your dates go both sides of the weekend. On the other hand, you don`t have to go in these months. In spring, early summer or late autumn, the anchorages are less crowded, restaurants less packed, berthing charges lower and the winds more reliable, plus the charter company is more likely to offer an individual price. If you would like a date that doesn`t begin on a Saturday, then use the textbox on this page to tell us your requirements, or give us a ring on +3851 466 8220. We need to know the exact dates you`d like, the type of boat required, and anything else that springs to mind. We`ll get back to you with the best three quotes within three days. The same goes for short breaks (anything between one and five days)..
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Corporate programmes, flotillas, regattas, etc.

Is it possible to organise a corporate event afloat or to book several boats for a larger group, perhaps for a flotilla or a regatta?

Yes, whether it is a team-building weekend for your department or entertaining your clients, we can deliver. We can even arrange charter flights on executive jets or small planes - you can fly directly from an airport near you to the airport nearest to the marina. If you are interested in this kind of one-off deal, write to us using the textbox on this page or else give us a ring on +3851 466 8220. Tell us your requirements and we`ll do our best to arrange everything - from the wine list to skippers with master chef skills. The same goes for arranging flotillas and regattas.

Out-of-season dates

Why does the website only show Saturdays from April to October?

These are the months when most people go on charter holidays in the Adriatic, and Saturday is the first day of the standard charter week. If you want to sail out of season (from October to April), you are almost certain to find the boat you want. In these months, most charter companies are extremely flexible when it comes to departure dates. They do have price lists based on Saturday departure dates, but in reality they are quite happy to give you an individual quote for whatever dates and service you need. If you require out-of-season dates, then use the textbox on this page to tell us your requirements, or give us a ring on +3851 466 8220. We need to know the exact dates you`d like, the type of boat required, and anything else that springs to mind.

Direct contact

At, we like hearing from you, and we`re happy to deal with enquiries via e-mail or over the telephone. We think our site is the best charter boat-booking engine around, and we hope you find that booking a boat on it is an entirely straightforward process, but if you do need to contact us, there are real people behind the site. Write to us via this text box, or call us on +3851 466 8220. is a club, you`re a club member, and we`re here to help.