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A note about adverts on this page
You may ask why we publish adverts for other websites offering similar services? The answers are simple. First, we believe in helping our customers make a qualified decision. Visiting other sites advertised here below can help you compare the level of service, value for money and features we provide with those offered by other companies. Secondly, we are very confident about the quality and efficiency of our service (online and offline) as we know that it is highly likely that, having visited other websites you will eventually return to our site to book your sailing holiday.


Skipper requirements
When booking a bareboat charter on this website, you do not have to have any sailing qualifications yourself, but you do have to ensure that at least one member of your crew is qualified to skipper your chosen charter boat.
This condition is an integral part of your charter boat agreement.

When navigating in Croatian waters, your designated skipper must have a certificate (or navigation licence) issued according to the regulations pertaining to navigation in similar waters in their country of origin. In other words, if you are allowed to be in charge of a boat (of similar size as the boat you book through our company)it is most likely your licence or certificate will be recognised in Croatia.
If in doubt please fax (+3851 4637512)or email a copy of your licence or certificate so we can confirm it is OK.
If you believe you have basic skills and knowledge required to pass an equivalent of a day skipper or coastal skipper test you can obtain your licence in Croatia. Navigation licences obtained by foreigners in Croatia are recognised in Croatia but not in their country of origin. Skippers who do not have a certificate (coastal) may be given a navigation test by the harbourmaster, for which they must pay. In the test, they will be required to prove their knowledge of the rules of the road, meteorology, navigation and seamanship. If they pass the test, they will be issued with a licence, the validity of which is limited to the duration of their stay in Croatia.
Skippers who do not possess an acceptable navigation licence can be prosecuted; moreover, they may lose their insurance cover in the event of an accident. In the event that the skills of your designated skipper are called into doubt, any of ClubAdriatic`s charter fleet managers may refuse, at their own discretion, to provide you with your booked boat unless you hire a professional skipper. In this event, you will be charged for the skipper.